Durian development – a pungent manifesto

Welcome to Durian Development – the blog. In this blog I want to highlight the ideas and the innovations, the changes and the challenges that I am excited by in international development. This is as much for my own record of the ideas, references and resources I come across, as it is to share it with others.

This blog is called durian development because durians are found in many of the places I have worked up until now in humanitarian response and international development. Durians are also a controversial fruit, loved by some, loathed by most – perhaps a description of international development. And while not all ideas and innovations highlighted in this blog will be to everybody’s taste, I expect that these unique and pungent flavours will inspire new ideas – even if it is to throw the first idea away in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

I’m very much interested in the opportunities that new technologies offer to developing countries. I have an interest in livelihoods, private sector engagement in development, in financial inclusion and the opportunity for people living in remote places to use the interweb to give their ideas voice and their produce a virtual market.

And likely I will spend a large amount of time making links to drones – both the mechanical and the biological kinds. I’m a buzzing apiculturalist,  and not afraid to wax lyrical about how sweet the rewards of having a hive. All puns intended. And mechanical drones are cool. Annoying as fuck if you are not flying them, but still cool. And potentially helpful. We shall see.